Mirosław Szyłak-Szydłowski, Ph.D., Eng.

Research issues (science interests):

  • Examination of soil and ground pollution's degree as well as determination of their reasons,
  • Degraded lands reclamation methods and ways of their arrangement, particularly reclamation of excavation sites and municipal landfills,
  • microbiological, toxicological and chemical analysis of landfill leachates,
  • Usage of biotechnological processes to purification of sewage, soil and air,
  • examination of air pollution's degree by odors and microorganisms emitted from municipal services management,
  • environmental impact assessment, especially enterprises connected with biotechnological processes.

Hobby (non-science interests):

  • art (literature, music, film, painting)
  • history of the 20th century
  • medical rescue (CPR, BTLS, BLS-AED)
  • sport

List of science publications (2004-2014)