„Learning and skills become useful,
until they are applied for public use
Fr. St. Staszic (1758-1826)

Offer for economy:

Range of research and implementation works for industry, municipal economy and services as well as government and local government administration, carried out by Land Protection Group:

> land protection:

  • identification and evaluation of land degradation causes, therein impurities,
  • research and evaluation of degree of soil, grounds and ground-waters - terrain ecological surveys,
  • defining of needs and possibilities of degraded lands' purification (remediation) and reclamation as well as selection of soil and grounds purification methods,
  • devising conceptions and projects of terrain reclamation taking its development's ways under consideration,
  • monitoring and evaluation of reclamation works results (effectiveness),
  • research and evaluation of grounds and waters aggressiveness'

> integrated environmental protection:

  • reports of environmental impact of planned enterprises, therein mainly municipal and industrial,
  • environmental evaluations of existing objects, therein installation's ecological surveys,
  • analysis and evaluation of reasons and environmental impact degree of sewage management objects (i.e. pumping stations, sewage treatment plants, installation for sewage sludge treatment) as well as waste management (therein landfills, compositing plants and thermal treatment plants),
  • research and monitoring of environment (i.e. chemical impurities, odors emission and noxiousness - olfactometric research, acoustical influence - sonometric measurements),
  • juridical environmental protection.

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